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Training in a Bag

Student Success is No Secret:  It's in the Bag!

1.  Introduction

Recapturing Instructional Time
Effective Practices
Effective Classroom Management
Effective PLCs
Self Reflection in Teaching Practice

2.  Flowchart for Academic and Behavioral Concerns

3.  Behavior in a Bag

- Video:  Using Effective Behavior Management Strategies

Section 1: Required Strategies for the Following Behaviors

Noncompliance with Directions
Off-Task Behavior
Disruption (talk-outs, out-of-seat, etc.)
Intensified Safety/Supervision
Physical Aggression

Section 2: Supplemental Materials and Attachments

Behavior Escalation Model
Precision Command Script
Consequence Hierarchy Example
Pointers for Using Positives
Point Card Examples
Posted Classroom Essentials
Research-Based Factors that Affect Behavior
Response-Cost Tickets for Disruption
Steps for 'Staying Calm'
Home Note Sample
Behavior Contract Sample
Data Collection Resources
Troubleshooting Guide
Communication with Students
Self-Reflection and Additional Troubleshooting

- Section 3:  Training for Teacher Specialists and Touchstones

PowerPoint: Essential Behavior Principles for Classroom Success
Effective Classroom Rules Cheat Sheet
Teach Routines and Procedures (Examples)
Ten Variables that Affect Compliance-Precision Requests
Behavior Escalation Model
Precision Command Script
Precision Command Stickers
Consequence Hierarchy Example
Classroom Consequence Cheat Sheet
Non-Candy Rewards List
60 Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Individual Students - Secondary Level
100 Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Individual Students - Elementary Level
35 Free or Inexpensive Rewards for Adults in the Building
How Much Teacher Time is Involved?

4.  Data Collection and Progress Monitoring

- Dean's Dynamic Data (D3)

Dean's Dynamic Data Excel Spreadsheet (v1.5)
Dean's Dynamic Data Training PowerPoint (v1.4)
Dean's Dynamic Data User Manual (v1.4)

PM Focus

Intervention Central

5.  Effective Instructional Practices in a Bag

Executive Functioning

What is Executive Functioning?
Executive Functioning Strategies
Getting Angry (Steps)
Assignment Log
Folder System Instructions
Folder System Tutorial
Folder Divider

Implementing Effective Instructional Practices (Revised 5/16/14)

Jordan School District Multi-Tiered Support System Model
Learning Pyramid
Special Education Department 5 Big Rocks to Increase Student Performance: What Works?
Implementing Effective Instructional Practices
Video Examples of Effective Teaching
Explicit Instruction Lesson Plan Template
Explicit Instruction Lesson Plan Template - Enabled
Implementing Effective Instructional Practices Self-Reflection
Self-Reflection Focus on Student Learning

Resources for Students with Severe Learning Difficulties

Language Arts/Writing