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  • The Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD)

    DSPD serves children and adults who have intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, brain injuries, and autism. They provide a wide range of services intended to help people with disabilities participate more fully in their communities and lead self-determined lives. The type of services available depends on which waiver the person qualifies for. Support includes community living, day services, supported employment services, and many more.

  • Department of Workforce Services
    • HEAT Program: ¬†Energy and water assistance as well as energy and water-related crisis assistance.
    • Job Assistance: Supports with training and finding employment.
    • Support Services: Temporary services are available for individuals and families, including food, financial, Medicaid/medical and child care assistance.
    • Department of Workforce Services-Housing and Community Development
      This service helps communities improve their infrastructure, develop affordable housing and fight hunger. Services include:

      • Public Services: Assistance to reduce or pay utility bills.
      • Affordable Housing: Information about programs that support affordable housing.
  • Jordan School District Language and Culture Services
    Provides information about English as a Second Language as well as several other related programs.
  • Jordan School District Health Services
    Dedicated to increasing District awareness for the need for health insurance for all students.
  • Jordan Family Education Center
    The Jordan Family Education Center provides support services and classes for families and students in Jordan School District. These services are provided by the District's school psychologists and counselors. The center offers classes and short-term counseling on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.