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Motor Development Team

The Motor Development Team provides consultative and direct services to teams serving students with physical and cognitive disabilities, enabling teams to provide access to a meaningful and appropriate education experience for all students.
MDT School Assignments
OT School Assignments

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Melanie Canick 801-567-8639 Occupational Therapist - Team Leader
Michelle Fordham 801-567-8638 Occupational Therapist
Rachel Giessing 801-567-8640 Occupational Therapist
Kelcey Murdoch 801-567-8643 Occupational Therapist
Carol Woodvine 801-567-8641 Occupational Therapist
Cristy Dillman 801-567-8646 Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Shar Austin 801-567-8648 Assistant
Cindy Watkins 801-567-8649 Assistant

Physical Therapy (PT)

Becky Ahlberg 801-567-8644 Physical Therapist - Team Leader
Peter Romney 801-567-8645 Physical Therapist

Adaptive Physical Education (APE)

Laurie Larson 801-567-8667 Adaptive PE Specialist
Kamerie Cote Anderson 801-567-8668 Adaptive PE Specialist
Nancy Merrick 801-567-8669 Adaptive PE Specialist-Team Leader