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Professional Development


Conference Guidelines and Request Form

Would you like to get Highly Qualified in Math.....?   

We want to help you to do that.
As many of you know, in order to become Highly Qualified to teach math at the secondary level the special educator must obtain a special education math endorsement.  The USOE in conjunction with Davis District and USU, have developed a 2-year program for special educators to complete the endorsement.  Program details are located in the attached flier. The costs (course fees/recording fee, etc) will be reimbursed by the USOE when the candidate has successfully complete the math endorsement.  If you are interested please visit before March 15, 2016.

Become Highly Qualified To Teach Math For Free!

·      Course fees will be reimbursed by USOE once the endorsement is complete.
·      Jordan School District personnel will support you in passing the Accuplacer, passing each course (tutoring/homework help), and in passing the Praxis exam.
·      Contact Trevor Warburton (, 801-857-8174) with questions or for more information.

Check out the flier Math Endorsement 2016

Para Professional Development

This is now available online through

You can work from any computer online and keep track of your time--you will be paid up to 5 hours for completing these trainings outside of your assigned classroom time.

This training needs to be completed within one year to maintain employment.

You need to sign in with your account into google and add the following three classes.

Introduction to Different Disabilities Class Code: j7k4xy7

Effective Instruction Class Code: mtuvph

Basics of Behavior Management Class Code: 95hbvp

These classes are mandatory and you will get up to 5 hours of Professional Development pay as you finish the courses.


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