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Printable Materials

Below you will find printable and editable documents to use in your classroom. 

Visual Schedule Template:

For some students, having a visual schedule can help them know what is coming up. To create a visual schedule, you will make a picture that corresponds with each portion of the day. You can draw these, find images online, or if the student can read you can use words. Depending on the student's level you can have each component separate or have them listed on one document. If the components are separate,  place velcro on the back of each card and stick each piece, in the day's order, on the student's desk, clipboard, or some other place the student has ready access too. You would use schedule pieces that corresponds with the current day's schedule. This allows for change, as well as lets the student know what to expect for the day. If the student has the same schedule each day you can just make one template and let the student cross off each activity. You may also want to include times.

Menus and Cards

Below is a basic template to use for different menu's and cards. Feel free to add the students favorite character or photo to the card to personalize it. If you need help with ideas, or how to set it up, please contact us.
Click here for a basic template for various point cards, rewards menu, break cards, and response cost.
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