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Home Instruction Information and Forms


A Continuum of Supports: Jordan School District offers a continuum of supports including offering alternative placements such as regular education settings with resource support, special classes, special schools, instruction provided in a hospital or residential facility, and home instruction.

Why Home Instruction? Sometimes, students receiving specially designed instruction may need to have his/her IEP implemented in the home or other off-campus location; this may be due to sensitive or other extenuating circumstances. Home instruction is different from short or long-term Home and Hospital services because it requires that a student have an educational placement in the student's home or off-campus setting. Unlike Home and Hospital, Home Instruction does not require a doctor's "Statement of Need", but a placement to Home Instruction must be determined by all required members of the IEP team. Home Instruction is the most restrictive placement and must be considered with great care as to ensure the student receives his/her educational services in the least restrictive environment.
Least Restrictive Environment: To determine appropriateness of a student’s least restrictive environment (LRE), a school district must ensure that the placement will address the unique needs of the student.

“To the maximum extent appropriate, students with disabilities…are educated with similar-aged students who are non-disabled...[and]...removal of students with disabilities from the regular educational environment occurs only if the nature or severity of the disability is such that education in regular classes cannot be achieved satisfactorily.”

(USBE “Special Education Rules” pgs. 72-73).

Development of an IEP: A student’s educational placement must be based on the student’s IEP. Therefore, before teams discuss placement during the IEP meeting, teams must develop and discuss present levels of performance (PLAAFPs), develop appropriately ambitious IEP goals, and determine the type and amount of specially designed instruction including any necessary or related services.
Utilizing Current Resources: Additionally, IEP teams must ensure that all available resources are exhausted in the student’s current educational setting in the process of the development of an IEP in order to make a placement to home instruction.
Home Instruction as a Placement: If the IEP team has exhausted all resources as it pertains to facilitating a student’s ability to attend school with appropriate, data-driven interventions in place, then the decision to place a student on Home Instruction can be considered as an option for placement.

If Home Instruction as a placement is being considered for a student with an IEP, please contact the District Special Education Home Instruction Team.

District Special Education Home Instruction Team Contact Information:

Jen Jarrard - District Home Instruction Teacher Specialist -

Keri Christensen - District Home Instruction Teacher -

Online Home Instruction Information & Forms

The information regarding home instruction is meant to guide members of the IEP team in the development of the student’s IEP, including parents/guardians and/or adult students, in order to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities and plan for student success.

Is the IEP Team Considering Home Instruction?

Tips and Guidelines For IEP Teams Considering Home Instruction:

Home Instruction Forms For IEP Teams: