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Emergency Information

An ESI is used when a student posed imminent danger to self or others.

  1. Physical Restraint: "means personal restriction that immobilizes or reduces the ability to move the individual's arms, legs, body, or head freely" (LRBI Manual, p. 111).
  2. Seclusionary Time Out: "means when used with a student, all the following conditions are met
    1. The student is placed in an enclosed area by a school personnel in accordance with the requirements of R392-200 and R710-4-3
    2. The student is  purposefully isolated from adults and peers, and
    3. The student is prevented from leaving, or reasonably believes that the student will be prevented from leaving the enclosed area" (LRBI Manual, p. 111).

If a school district personnel uses one of these ESI measures, regardless of meeting the stated conditions, an emergency contact form must be completed and parents notified within 24 hours.
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