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The coercion cycle has been studied at length and what we know is that negative behavior persists (and often gets worse) because of random reinforcement. Meaning, sometimes the student gets something good and sometimes they get something bad. Think about gambling on a slot machine. I put money in, press a button or pull a level, and sometimes I get a pay out, and sometimes I just loose my money. I keep putting money into the machine because there is always a chance that I might get what I want. The slot machine is providing random reinforcement and I am willing to gamble on the chance that I might get a pay out. Kids operate in a similar fashion. If they think there is a chance that they will get attention or get out of something they may gamble on it.

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On Friday the 13th of November two of our great staff were honored.  If you see them out there give them a pat on the back, they deserve it.

The Utah Association of School Psychologists recognized the following Jordan educators for their work with students in our schools:

Jim Stewart from Copper Hills High School received the lifetime achievement award.

Betsy Smith from Monte Vista Elementary and West Hills Middle received the Barbara Bennett Excellence in Diversity Award.

Congratulations, We Appreciate The Work You Do

Be Grateful With Poinsettias


The Greenhouse program at South Valley School has beautiful poinsettias on sale for the holiday season.  These quality plants are available in 6” and 4” pots.  They come in Red, White, Pink, Winter Red Rose, Winter White Rose, Red Glitter (red with white spots), Marble (pink with white edges), Autumn Leaves (peachy salmon fall color) and Jingle Bell Rock (red with white stripes). To view the colors, visit our web site at  Or look at the attachment below

Schools or individuals ordering 25 or more plants will have them delivered free of charge.  We are selling these fine plants for $7.00 (6”), $4.00 (4”)

Our greenhouse is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or by appointment until November 24.  Starting November 30 we will have some later hours.  Stop by to purchase smaller quantities.  Again, we will deliver orders of 25 or more to your schools, churches, or places of business.  Call the greenhouse directly to place orders (801-565-7167) or fax the order to (801-302-4902).  These numbers are also listed on your order sheets.

We have some that are ready now, if you like to decorate early or want to take them as gifts for Thanksgiving.   I have attached a paper with the colors that we have, as well as an order form.  If you have any questions, let me know.

We also have some Holiday Cactus for sale.


Several of our teachers were recognized by the South Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

They included many of our special educators.  Congratulations  to the following special educators:

  • Pixie Brock Elk Meadows
  • Amanda Mair Elk Ridge Middle
  • Melanie Canick River's Edge
  • Jennifer Jarrard South Jordan Middle

See more about the story here.


Not mentioned in the District article was Lindsey Baxter who was recognized for her efforts too.