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Contact Lists

Special Education District Contact Lists



Name Title Phone
Kim Lloyd Director of Special Education 801-567-8374
Julie Brown Program Specialist, Special Education 801-567-8200
Shelly Davis Program Specialist, Special Education 801-567-8904
Fulvia Franco, Ph.D. Program Specialist, Guidance 801-567-8390
Jill Durrant Coordinator, Child Development Center (EI/PS) 801-567-8512

Teacher Specialists

Name Title Phone
Robin Silatolu New Teacher Induction Specialist 801-567-8352
Debbie Nigbur Special Placements/LRE Review Specialist 801-567-8355
Jennifer Birrell Teacher Specialist 801-567-8905
Carollee Tautkus Teacher Specialist 801-567-8068
Jessica Hayes Teacher Specialist 801-567-8373
Patricia Matthews Teacher Specialist 801-567-8356
Tammy Rajczyk Teacher Specialist 801-567-8024
Katie Jarvis Teacher Specialist 801-567-8329
Susan Sudbury New Teacher Induction Specialist 801-567-8352
Ami Shah Teacher Specialist 801-567-8142
Melisa Genaux Autism/Behavior Specialist 801-567-8069
Jen Jarrard Home Instruction Teacher Specialist 801-567-8295
Brenda Cruz Transition Specialist 801-567-8145
Math Specialist 801-567-8174
Toni Lee Behavior Specialist 801-567-8144
Lucia Evans Behavior Specialist 801-567-8358
Daveed Goodrich Behavior Specialist 801-567-8132
Cassidy Hansen Behavior Specialist 801-567-8132
Kristin Norris Speech-Language-Audiology/UATT 801-567-8372
Karl McKenzie GoalView Manager 801-567-8254

Itinerant Services

Name Title Role Phone
Melanie Hill Audiology Team Leader 801-567-8505
Cassandra Romine Traumatic Brain Injury Team (TBI) Team Leader 801-565-7584
Becky Ahlberg Motor Development Team (PT) Team Leader 801-567-8644
Melanie Canick Motor Development Team (OT) Team Leader 801-567-8639
Nancy Merrick Motor Development Team (APE) Team Leader 801-567-8669
Traci Hardell Special Education Nurse  School Assignments 801-673-9820
Kristi Simon Special Education Nurse  School Assignments 801-412-2900
Kimberly Patterson  Special Education Nurse  School Assignments  801-412-1700
Kerry Heywood Teacher for Students with Hearing Impairments Team Leader 801-567-8653
Kim Russell Teacher for Students with Hearing Impairments 801-567-8654
Maria Lira Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments Team Leader 801-567-8658
Shirley Jimenez Orientation & Mobility Specialist 801-567-8660
Mark Gardner Utah Assistive Technology Team (UATT) Team Leader (shared) 801-567-8650
Utah Assistive Technology Team (UATT) 801-254-8652
Nancy Merrick Adaptive Physical Education (APE) Team Leader 801-567-8669
Kami Ridd Health Services Coordinator 801-567-8516


Name Title Phone
Debbie Fairbourn Secretary for the Director 801-567-8177
Amanda Hamblin Department/SCRAM Secretary 801-567-8176
Sandra Rhees Special Placements/LRE Review Assistant 801-567-8294